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  2. "The campus was more liberal in 1974 than it is now" - Dean Norton

  3. Jordan: "I'm from the North and coming down to Mississippi was a very new and different thing for me as well."

  4. "I learned things I haven't heard before and also got a richer understanding of (the speakers') experiences." - Jeff Jackson

  5. Dan Rather was a young reporter and this was his first big story. - Ed Meek

  6. It was 1998 & a very sophisticated Afr-Amer woman said, "I'd like to go to Ole Miss, but do you think I will be safe?" - Winter

  7. "All she knew about the University of Mississippi was that two people were killed in a riot involving an African American"-Winter#UMMEEKBOOK

  8. "There were 360 reporters from all over the world. It was a mass invasion of press."- Ed Meek

  9. Governor Winter, Curtis Wilkie and Ed Meek are all in attendance to speak about the book, RIOT.

  10. "To be here with people like Gov. Winter and Ed Meek, who was my classmate at the time.. It's incredible"-Curtis Wilkie

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