The Ghosts of Rowan Oak, School Edition


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In the 1940s at his home, Rowan Oak, in Oxford, Mississippi, Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner told ghost stories to the children in his family. Faulkner’s niece, Dean Faulkner Wells, has recounted the haunting and heartbreaking story of “Judith,” the chilling tale of “The Werewolf,” and the macabre story of “The Hound.” This school edition includes an Introduction by Willie Morris, illustrated biography of William Faulkner, with study guide including discussion questions, vocabulary lists and suggested class projects, paperback binding, 84 pages. Recommended for middle school students. “Dean Faulkner Wells describes Rowan Oak and the Pappy of her childhood with a rare eye and with the Faulkner care and genius for words, and with the emotion of love.” (American Bookseller)


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