Rommel’s Peace


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Rommel.s Peace, a sequel to Wells. first novel, Rommel and the Rebel, is based on Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.s plan to contact Eisenhower and arrange a ceasefire. Shortly before D-Day, Rommel releases U.S. Army Lt. Max Speigner from a German POW camp and sends him to England as peace envoy. Rommel wants to stop the fighting. The British want to kill him. Speigner is caught in the middle.


“Lawrence Wells is a master of the ‘what if’ genre of literary fiction. Based on historical evidence, Rommel’s Peace is a compelling, fast paced and fascinating look into what might have been. Had Rommel’s ceasefire been allowed to flower, the dreadful casualties of D-Day might have been avoided, and the course of history forever changed.”

Winston Groom, Forrest Gump

“This novel began tightening its screws from page one, with Rommel compromised, trapped and vulnerable. Mr. Wells blends history into fiction with an alchemy that is entirely his own. A hell of a good story, one of the best I’ve read in a long time.”

Tom Franklin, Hell at the Breech


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